A Break from Recipes

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posting. A medical emergency came up. My dad got rushed to the hospital a few days ago and was later diagnosed with acute leukemia. Aaaahhhh!

This has honestly been one of the hardest weeks of my life. :( Luckily, my family is tight knit and we are all here for him.  I spent the night with him at the hospital, and am so far really impressed with the nursing staff, doctors, and services here. And, I’m so super thankful we are just an hour and a half away from a hospital that specializes in cancer.

Yikes!  Cancer… that’s a word you hope to never hear, especially when it concerns those you love.

Yesterday, he got the preliminary diagnosis of AML (acute myeloid leukemia) and then had a bone marrow biopsy to determine what specific sub-type of cancer he has. I asked why they needed to know the sub-type if they already knew it was acute leukemia and the doctor said that there are several types of acute leukemia and apparently, the treatments for each are drastically different. (I’m learning so much in the few days I’ve been here.) Once the test results come in they will start chemotherapy right away.

I guess that’s both good and bad. Good because he’ll get treatment quickly but scary because its all happening so fast.

The prognosis looks good so far and my dad is a trooper. Please keep him in your prayers.