Hungarian Kielbasa, Cabbage and Turnip Slow Cooker Stew

  It’s still winter. Although, technically, in a few days it will be spring. Yesterday, we had 50 degree weather and today it’s back to the cold with a high of 38. Brr….I keep hearing we are having a slow start to spring and it’s making my summer-lovin’ friends and family very frustrated. For Christmas,(…)

Poached Egg on Savory Breakfast Crostinis

  Hey everyone… quick update on my dad… He’s doing better and better each day. He finished his second round of chemo a week ago and the doctors are now watching his white blood cell counts and waiting for them to go back up to a normal level. With leukemia, you have to kill off pretty(…)

The best mashed potatoes you will ever eat! (and a side of apple cinnamon pork)

  Wow! I finally have a second to sit down. With my dad being in the hospital the last few weeks, my life has been a mix of work and spending nights with him. He’s had two rounds of chemo treatments (both were 7 days straight) that will hopefully put his acute myeloid leukemia (subtype:(…)

Watchin’ the Sochi Olympics and Sippin’ Tea

I found these little gems at my local Goodwill last week… tiny international-themed glass mugs. Aren’t they cute? There they were on the shelf, mixed with other odds and ends, calling out to me. And they were only 69 cents each. How could I say no? Since the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are on, I(…)

Broiled Salmon with Asparagus

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, the smell of broiled salmon, butter and sauteed asparagus wafted throughout the house. Mmmmm…. I wanted to post this a while back, before my dad was diagnosed with acute leukemia.  But, of course, life intervened. When he’s better, I can’t wait to make it again sometime for him to try.(…)


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